How much does it cost to hire you?

We provide our services as a percentage of the total revenue made at the sale with a low minimum and upfront service add-ons.

How quickly can you hold a sale?

Turn around time depends on the size of the sale, but usually we can hold a sale 4 weeks from the date of a contract signature.

How much money will my sale make?

We cannot give estimates on the success of the sale before it happens, as there are a variety of factors that affect the outcome.  On the positive side, good weather, adjacent rummage sales, and a quiet community calendar can help turnout.  On the downside, bad weather, road construction, and competing community events can lessen customer traffic.


My items are inherited and I was told they were worth a lot.  How can I get the amount my relatives always said they were worth?

We price items based on their current value as well as the price we think, based on experience, a customer will purchase at.  Unfortunately, many items that were once considered financially valuable may not have kept their value over the years.  Like everything else, trends come and go, and demand fades.  The items that are the most disappointing tend to revolve around the pastime of formal dinner parties and entertaining.  Despite what we wish they would sell for, we often find these items are unsold at the end of the sale.  But rest assured, we work hard to get the best price for these items.

We definitely see trends across our many sales.  See below

Customer Favorites

  • Collectible toys, dolls and cards

  • Vintage holiday decorations

  • Midcentury modern furniture/décor

  • Board and video games/systems

  • Sports, liquor and war memorabilia

  • Musical instruments and records

  • Vintage linens

  • Jewelry

  • Tools & yard equipment

  • Appliances

Items that may have lost value

  • China & formal dishware

  • China cabinets

  • Dining sets

  • Silverware & serveware

  • Collector’s plates

  • Crystal

  • Art (depending on artist)

Hard-to-Sell Items

  • Beds – frames/mattresses/box springs

  • Bedding

  • Furniture

  • Dishes, cups, mugs, kitchen tools

  • CDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes

  • Books

  • Well-worn clothing

Are there any items that you cannot sell?

Yes, we do not sell firearms of any kind and certain children's items (strollers, cribs, pack-n-plays, etc.) that are regulated by federal law.


What do you do with the items that don’t sell?

We are happy to consolidate the items that don’t sell into one location on the property as directed by the client.  It is then up to the client to decide from there what will happen to these items, or for a small fee we can arrange donation of the leftover items for you.

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